Friday, January 25, 2008

Why ref volleyball?

I get this question a lot from friends and co-workers when they find out I ref volleyball. A lot of folks don't quite understand why anyone would willingly be a ref or official (sometimes I agree with them).

I always ask this question of new officials when they start their training. I think it's really important to consider why are you getting into this trade? Is it for a love of the sport? A desire to give back? Wanting to be involved at some level? Or just to make some extra money?

Most of these are perfectly valid, we all have our interests for different reasons. Although I do always tell folks that no one ever got rich officiating volleyball, so if it's just another sport to you, I'd say don't do it. No one likes to work with the ref who's disengaged and not really interested in what they do. I've worked with officials like this, and I've seen them work as a spectator, and it really just makes it harder for the rest of officiating community to be respected.

Fortunately, the vast majority of officials that I've worked with have been great. And for me, I officiate volleyball because I love the sport (both as a fan and a player), and I love helping teams have a great match. I'm a member of a community that is fun to be in. And I'm working on improving my skills to be the best possible official I can be.

That's for me. But the question remains: Why do you ref volleyball?

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